Yunnan pu-erh tea DianGong tea royal gold bud super golden phoenix city DianGong tea 357 g Gold bud honey sweet Gold tea shoots

Item specifics

  • item Type: Pu'Er Tea
  • Grade: AAAAA
  • Shelf Life: The longer the better
  • Age: 3 – 4 Years
  • Style: Blooming Tea
  • Packaging: Bowl
  • Certification: QS
  • Weight (kg): 0.357

Product Description

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Product name: royal gold bud DianGong tea
Production location: China\'s yunnan province chicken
Specification: 357 g
Raw material: yunnan big leaf kind DianGong congou
Efficacy: fall hematic fat, reduce weight, fall blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, resist cancers, protect the stomach



The effect of DianGong tea:
1. The diuretic effect
Combination of caffeine and aromatic substance in black tea, increase renal blood flow, improve the glomerular filtration rate, expansion of renal microvascular, and inhibiting renal tubular resorption of water, then lead to increase of urine.So conducive to the elimination of lactic acid, uric acid associated with gout, excessive salt (associated with high blood pressure), pests and so on, and moderate edema caused by heart disease or nephritis.
2. The anti-inflammatory sterilization effect
Of black tea polyphenol compounds has antiphlogistic effect, through the experiment found that catechins classes can be combined with single-celled bacteria, the protein coagulation precipitation, thereby inhibition and elimination of pathogens.So bacterial demodex disease and food poisoning patients drink black tea is quite good, the folk also used strong tea foot wound, bedsore and Hong Kong.
3. The detoxification effect
According to the experimental results show that black tea in the tea can more alkali adsorption of heavy metals and alkaloid, precipitation and decomposition, the drinking water and food by modern industrial pollution, is a blessing.
4. Refreshing eliminate exhausted
Through medical experiments found that of black tea caffeine excited by stimulating the cerebral cortex nerve center, make refreshing, concentrated thinking, and then make thinking more acute reaction, enhance memory;It also for vascular system and heart stimulants, strengthen the heart beat, so as to accelerate the blood circulation and metabolism, and promote sweating and diuresis, thus both accelerate the excretion of lactic acid make muscles feel fatigue materialand other the waste material in the body, the effect of fatigue elimination.
5. Fluid heat effect
In the summer to drink black tea to quench it, because the tea polyphenols, amino acids, sugars, such as pectin and KouXian produces chemical reaction, and the stimulation of saliva, lead to moist mouth feel, and produce cool and refreshing feeling;Controlled by hypothalamus theine temperature center at the same time, regulate body temperature, it also stimulate the kidneys to promote the excretion of heat and dirt, maintaining the physiological balance in the body.
6. Anti-oxidation, anti-aging:
In the past five years, the American government\'s aid to more than 150 research on green tea and black tea and its chemical composition, the research results show that the antioxidants in green tea and black tea can completely destroy the cancer cells in the propagation path of chemicals.Beth Israel deaconess medical center in Boston, epidemiological Murray, director of the vascular mitterrand, the doctor said: "the effect of black tea and green tea are roughly equal, but the antioxidants than black tea green tea is much more complicated, especially for the heart is useful".Us magazine reported that black tea anti-aging effect is stronger than garlic, broccoli and carrots, etc.
7. Nourishing the stomach to protect stomach:
People without drinking green tea can feel when you eat the stomach uncomfortable, this is because tea contains important substances – tea polyphenols have convergence, has certain stimulation to the stomach, in the case of hollow excitant stronger.And black tea are different.It is fermented to bake, and under the action of tea polyphenols in the oxidation of unitary each per promote oxidation reaction occurs unitary, content decreases, the stomach irritating will be reduced accordingly.Instead of black tea is not only won\'t hurt a stomach, nourishing the stomach.Often drink tea with sugar and milk, can diminish inflammation, protect gastric mucosa, to treat ulcer also to have certain effect.


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