Yunnan Pu 'er Tea Drum Tea MengHai Old Class Ancient Tea Cake Tea 250g Drams Of Special Offer Free Shipping

Item specifics

  • item Type: Black Tea
  • Grade: AAAAA
  • Shelf Life: Unrestricted right preservation, more long more sweet
  • Age: 5 – 10 Years
  • Style: Compressed Tea
  • Packaging: Box
  • Certification: QS
  • Variety: other
  • Weight (kg): 0.25
  • The product name: The old class chapter puer tea (tea)
  • Product raw material: Selected yunnan menghai big leaf bask in shai qing
  • Origin: Xishuangbanna in yunnan province
  • Storage conditions: In clean, dry and ventilated environment free from pollution

Product Description






Yunnan Pu \'er TeaDrum Tea MengHai Old Class Ancient Tea Cake Tea 250 Drams Of Special Offer Free Shipping

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Old class chapter puer tea, tea gas in operas, thick flavour, swashbuckling, in pu \'er tea has always been revered as the "king", "king", "king" chapter class such as supreme reputation.

Village is located in menghai county, xishuangbanna, yunnan province, the old class chapter brown shan, 1700 meters to 1900 meters above sea level, is a subtropical monsoon climate, ample sunshine, abundant rainfall, annual average temperature 18.7, annual average sunshine 2088 hours, annual average rainfall of 1341 -1540 mm, foggy day 108 days a year, for thick sand inclusion red soil, soil rich in organic matter, especially suitable for yunnan big leaf arbor tea tree growth. With old class chapter village, pure natural, pollutionfree, original ecological shai qing yunnan big leaf of trees of compression of tea production, known by consumers as the pu \'er tea "tea king"



Old class chapter ancient tea moderate fermentation, mellow taste, smooth, fruity and fluid, red thick and bright, neat leaves hypertrophy, best is to collect, drink.





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