Top grade Chinese Da Hong Pao Big Red Robe oolong tea health care dahongpao tea antifatigue Hung clovershrub wulong tea

Item specifics

  • item Type: Black Tea
  • Grade: AAAAA
  • Shelf Life: 540
  • Age: New
  • Style: Loose Tea
  • Packaging: Bag
  • Certification: QS
  • Variety: Keemun Black Tea
  • Weight (kg): 500g

Product Description

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Dahongpao is one of the top ten famous tea in China, few people know what kind of effect and function, dahongpao have faced with dazzling tea, different tea\'s main effect, unavoidably will be confused, remember the following these, when you are buying tea, will be clear at a glance. Dahongpao have wuyi rock tea "rhyme of rock bone of flowers",wen run, very smooth, is the main origin of wuyi mountain, is pure manual picking dahongpao tea leaves as raw material, to consummate kunfu tea processing technology, functions and role of dahongpao research think dahongpao jianwei xiaoshi, anti-cancer anti-cancer, beauty to raise colour effect and so on. 8576d5569504d02f7c9443d42c3e3cbdReally good tea, not generally comparable products, understand the tea to buy, wholesale price only I add 1 dollar H8H2H3H4H5H6H7DSCI0267The ten efficacy of dahongpao and function: (1) to help slow the aging. Tea polyphenols has a strong resistance to oxidation and biological activities, is the scavenger of free radicals in human body, can prevent lipid peroxidation against workers should, remove the role of the active enzyme. (2) contribute to inhibition of cardiovascular diseases. Tea polyphenols, help to make this kind of porphyritic hyperplasia is restrained, make blood clot formed enhanced viscosity reduced fibrinogen, blood coagulation clearing, thus inhibiting atherosclerosis. (3) help to prevent and fight cancer. Tea polyphenols can block synthesis of nitrite hinge and so on a variety of carcinogenic substances in the body, and capable of directly kill cancer cells and improve the body\'s immune function. (4) contribute to the prevention and treatment of radiation damage. Tea polyphenols and ? Free shipping Menghai tea with sweet ripe pu er tea 357g puerh Ripe puer tea Organic health black tea Green foodUSD 19.59/pieceFree shipping, [only] Pu er tea 357g slimming beauty organic health tea puerh puer tea Handmade, the world\'s only sevenUSD 19.59/piecepuer tea ancient Chen fragrant Pu er Tea 357g factory direct sales, year only one thousand piece factory puerh,Help digest foodUSD 19.59/pieceFree shipping 357g Pu er tea According to Shannon Puer Tea raw tea Huang Jinye puerh Green foodUSD 19.59/pieceFree shipping Super Lapsang souchong Wuyishan Tongmu Guan Zheng Shan races Black Tea Beauty, health care, slimming teaUSD 50.31/pieceTop grade Chinese Da Hong Pao Big Red Robe oolong tea health care dahongpao tea antifatigue Hung clovershrub wulong teaUSD 49.82/packFree shipping (Weishan Lake lotus leaf) + ginkgo leaf =2 bag + gift, oolong tea, green food. Best slimming health teaUSD 13.69/piece

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