The best chinese Yunnan Pu er tea Famous brand Mengku puer Tea factory Century Arbor Tea King sheng raw pu erh tea 500g

Item specifics

  • item Type: Pu'Er Tea
  • Grade: AAAAA
  • Age: 3 – 4 Years
  • Style: Compressed Tea
  • Packaging: Bowl
  • Certification: QS
  • Weight (kg): 0.5

Product Description

The best chinese Yunnan Pu er tea Famous brand Mengku puer Tea factory Century Arbor Tea King sheng raw pu er tea 500g

Name: Mengku Arbor King

Weight :500G

Advanced raw puer 2012 yeays

Mengku Tea Co.,—King of Arbor Tree This tea was developed in 2006, Mengku King of Arbor Tree is one of the superior-quality products promoted by Mengku Tea Co., and after years\' of dedicated researches by Mengku corporate R & D team on the tea styles and characteristics of different tea hills in Mengku Tea Area, this tea has selected the fresh leaves of arbor tea trees with the tree age over 100 years from the well-known tea hills in Mengku Tea Area as its raw materials and then is manufactured through careful preparation with distinctive taste and flavor, which has fully embodied the unchained, profound and energetic majestic demeanor of Mengku large-leaf tea and is the top-grade tea among Yunnan pu\'er tea. This tea is manufactured via traditional hand-made grinding process, with moderate compression elasticity, even thickness, round regular tea cake, robust tea stripes and absolute same material both outside and inside, which is a kind of pu\'er raw tea with rather high price-quality ratio. The brewed tea leaves truly reflect the characteristics of Yunnan large-leaf tea, with fat, tender and green tea leaves, great flexibility and elasticity, which can endure long-time brewing for 15-20 times generally. The tea leaves are complete and will not be broken due to long brewing time, which is a premium tea product for drinking. With beautiful scenery in Yunnan, the taste of pu\'er tea is close to the nature\'s original taste, with heavy yellow and transparent liquor color, pure and elegant fragrance, smooth and domineering taste and sweet lingering aftertaste, of which King of Arbor Tree is the all-natural pollution-free pu\'er tea that people can rest assured to drink. Its tea stripes are complete and the external material corresponds with the internal. It\'s the genuine good tea and refuses falsification, which is the classic masterpiece of Mengku Tea Co. Mengku Tea Co., King of Arbor Tree has won the Gold Award in the tea group of pu\'er tea sundried and compressed tea cake in the first China Yunnan pu\'er tea king selection.


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