Orange tea Old Pu er tea china tea Slimming kinder surprise food Free Delivery

Item specifics

  • item Type: Pu'Er Tea
  • Grade: AAAAA
  • Shelf Life: The longer the better
  • Age: 11 – 20 Years
  • Style: Blooming Tea
  • Packaging: Bowl
  • Certification: QS
  • Weight (kg): 0.035-0.04

Product Description

Logistics, to buy goods with a total value of less than 5 dollars from China Post Ordinary Express arrived.

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Rose tea food blooming tea the goods on sale Healthy kinder surprise maintain beauty and keep youngUSD 1.30/lot2016 Oolong Tea Tieguanyin Green Tea Slimming kinder surprise High mountain teaUSD 2.50/lot2005 Old Pu er tea china tea Slimming kinder surprise food Free DeliveryUSD 8.88/pieceFruit tea Sweet food harry potter candy kit katN buy direct from china kinder surprise jelly bean candyUSD 5.90/bag2010 old Pu er tea Ripe Puer Tea China yunnan puerh Pu\'er Weight loss Green Food Health Care tea Free shippingUSD 1.99/lotoolong tea The first level is really strong aroma type Wuyi dahongpao tea green food Chinese health tea Free DeliveryUSD 1.20/lot2016 Green Tea Free Shipping, WHOLESALE Chinese Anxi Tieguanyin tea, China Tikuanyin tea, Natural Organic Health Oolong teaUSD 0.60/bag250g old Top grade Chinese Puer Tea Yunnan Slimming Health Tea Down Three High Beauty Prevent Arteriosclerosis Green foodUSD 9.80/piece Health care function of Pu er tea: 1, fat reducing weight Tea and fat metabolism are closely related, Pu\'er tea through a unique fermentation process generated new chemical substances, some of them containing lipolytic enzyme lipase, has the decomposition to the fat and tea have the effect that reduce weight. 2 ,blood fat, blood pressure, anti arteriosclerosis 3, anticancer Compared with a large number of people, the scientists have proved that the incidence of cancer in drinking tea is relatively low. And Pu er tea contains a variety of rich anti-cancer trace elements, the role of the cancer cells of Pu er tea is strong. 4, protecting teeth Pu Pu er tea contains many physiological active ingredients, which has the function of disinfection and disinfection, so it can remove the peculiar smell of the oral cavity and protect the teeth. 5, protecting stomach, stomach Under the suitable concentration, drinking tea on the stomach does not produce stimulation, sticky, sweet and smooth and mellow tea into the human stomach formed membrane attached to the gastric surface, on gastric produce beneficial protective layer, after long-term drinking tea can protect stomach, stomach role. This is the domestic and foreign consumer advocate drinking Pu\'er Tea appellation Pu\'er Tea "beauty tea", "longevity tea" the main reason. 6, anti aging It has been proved that the lipid peroxidation of human body is one of the mechanisms of human aging. Tea contains vitamin C, vitamin E, tea polyphenols, amino acids and trace elements with antioxidant effects, slow down the aging process, so tea called "longevity tea". 7, radiation protection The results of the study showed that drinking 2% Pu er tea can remove the damage caused by the radiation of cobalt 60. 8, beauty Pu er tea can regulate metabolism, promote blood circulation, regulate the body, the natural balance of the body function, and thus have the effect of beauty, known as the "beauty tea" in overseas ".

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