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Item specifics

  • item Type: Pu'Er Tea
  • Grade: TOP
  • Shelf Life: the longer the better
  • Age: 2 – 3 Years
  • Style: Compressed Tea
  • Packaging: Bowl
  • Certification: QS
  • Weight (kg): 0.25
  • Production license number: 440714010095
  • Product standards,: NY/T779
  • Make: The Heshan Tea Fruit Tree Research Institute
  • Factory site: Heshan City Taoyuan Township horse camellia fruit the
  • List of ingredients: New orange skin + Yunnan Pu'er tea
  • Storage Method: Store in a clean dry and ventilated no odor at
  • Shelf Life: 1095
  • Package: Loose tea
  • is_customized: Yes

Product Description

100% Natural Green Food

Series:Yuxiang the orange & P Tea
Weight (g):25
Pu\'er production process:Cooked tea
Pu\'er tea Year:1-3 years
Place of origin:Chinese mainland
Is organic food:No
Food specialties Origin:Guangdong
Packages cycle:1 week
Distribution frequency:One week

Effects of Pu er Tea

1.Decrease the blood fat, lose weight, decline blood pressure and resist arteriosclerosis.

Dr. Amill Carroby, from a college of Paris, French used Yunnan Pu er Tuo tea to do clinical trial and proved that: “Yunnan Pu er Tea has a good effect to reduce content of lipoid and cholesterol”. Kunming Medical College of China also observed 55 clinical trials to use Yunnan Pu er Tuo tea to cure the high blood fat diseases and compare them with 31 cases used clofibrate which has a good effect to incline fat. The result shows that the curative effect of Pu er Tea is higher than clofibrate. Long lasting drinkers of Pu er Tea can reduce cholesterol and glycerin fat. So long drinking of Pu er Tea can have the effect of curative the obesity. Drinking of Pu er tea can cause physiological effect in stretching human being ’s blood vessel, descending blood pressure and slowering the rhythm of the heart, etc. So it has a good curative function to high blood pressure and the brain arteriosclerosis.


Catechin of the tea has the effect of anti-decrepitude. Total amount of catechin content of Yunnan big leaf species tea is higher than other tea species. The effect of anti-decrepitude is better than other kinds of tea. At the same time, during the process of Pu er Tea, macromolecular polysaccharide transforms into a great deal of new dissoluble monosaccharide and oligosaccharide. The vitamin C increases doubly, which has an important effect to improve the human being’s immune system and preserve health, strengthen body and prolong longevity.

3.In addition, there are tea good for stomach, anti-cancer, hypoglycemic, antibacterial anti-inflammatory, reducing drug charges, to reduce the heavy metal toxicity, anti-radiation, anti-caries, eyesight, digestion, anti-drug and prevention of constipation, hangover, etc. more than 20 effects, which stomach, lose weight, lipid-lowering, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevention of coronary heart disease, blood pressure, anti-aging, anti-cancer, hypoglycemic effect is particularly prominent.

Brewing Puerh Tea

First, pour in boiling water until overflow slightly. This is for rinsing the water and not for drinking. Pour out the water. This is for wash tea.

Then use boiling water to brew the tea,about 7g per time.According to your own preferences, likes to drink tea or preferences of weak tea, decided to pour the water brewing

Usually can brew about 2-3 times.

The Storage of Puerh Tea

Puerh tea has also been lauded as the “drinkable antique”. The flavor and color of Puerh Tea changes when properly stored over a period of time; fresh raw tea brews into a bright, yellowish broth and possesses a strong, almost harsh flavor; aged raw tea brews an amber broth and possesses a mellow flavor. Fresh ripe tea brews into a bright red broth possessing a smooth mellow flavor; old ripe tea brews dark red with a thick mellow flavor. The flavor, quality and value of Puerh tea constantly increases over time with proper storage,and the longer the better.





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