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  • item Type: Black Tea
  • Grade: AAAAA
  • Shelf Life: 540
  • Age: New
  • Style: Loose Tea
  • Packaging: Bulk
  • Certification: QS
  • Variety: other
  • Weight (kg): 500g

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Lapsang souchongeffects and functions

As everyone knows,drinking tea is good forphysical and mental health,drinkingis a small mountainis far from a minority of people,is a small mountaineffects and functionsremain to improvemining,function and effect ofBlack Teabasicallyapplies toZheng Shanraces.

1,diuretic effect

The combined effect ofcaffeineintheBlack Teaand aromatic substances,increased renal blood flow,increased glomerular filtration rate,dilation of the renal microvasculature,andinhibitionof tubular reabsorption of water,thuscontributing to an increase in urine output.Soto rid the body of lactic acid,uric acid(associated with gout),excessive salt(associated with hypertension),harmful substances such asedema,andease theheart disease or nephritis caused by.

2,anti-inflammatory sterilizationefficacy

Polyphenolic compoundsinBlack Teahave anti-inflammatory effects,through theexperiment,catechinscan be combined with single-cell bacteria,the protein coagulation precipitation,to suppress and eliminate pathogens.So thebacterialLadiseasesand food poisoning patients to drinkBlack Teahelpful,folk also used tea coated wound,bedsoreandathlete\'s foot.

3,detoxification efficacy

It has been proved,Lapsang souchong,Black Teainteabasecan absorb heavy metals and alkaloids,precipitation anddecomposition,the modern peoplethe drinking water and food by industrialpollution,is nothing more than a gospel.

4,refreshing eliminate fatigueeffect

Through amedical experiment,caffeineinBlack Teabystimulation of the cerebral cortexexcitednerve center,makerefreshing,thinking,andthinkingmoresensitivereaction,memoryenhancement;it alsoon the vascular systemand heartexcited about the role,strengthen theheart,so as to accelerate theblood circulationtoThe new supersedes the old.,while promotingdiaphoresisanddiuresiswork along both lines,thusaccelerate the excretion oflactic acid(musclefatiguematerial)andother in vivothe old wastematerial,to eliminate fatigueeffect.

5,promoting theheateffect

SummerdrinkBlack Teacan quench thirstXiaoshu,becausetea polyphenols,carbohydrate,amino acid,pectinandsalivato produce chemical reaction,andstimulate salivasecretion,cause oralfeelmoist,andproduce a cool feeling;at the same timecaffeinecontroltemperature centerhypothalamus,regulation of bodytemperature,it willstimulate the kidneysto promote heatandthe dirtdischarge,maintainphysiologicalhomeostasis in vivo.

In addition to the above mentionedfunctions,is a small mountainand theprevention of dental caries,stomach and intestinesto help digestion,delay aging,reducing blood sugar,lower blood pressure,blood lipids,anti-cancer,anti radiationeffect,each teahave differentbenefits,suggested thatteashouldnotparanoidsometea.

In addition,sports drinksBlack Teaalso hasanti caries,Black Teaisexcellent,in addition tothirstandaddwaterifinneedphysical strength andenduranceexercise(such as amarathon)before drinking,because the caffeinein teahas a refreshingeffect,but also in themovement of thebodytoburn fatcontribute tosupplyheatreservation livervinegar,so peoplehave more staying power.

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