Free shipping 500g Chinese Tie Guan Yin Tea new fresh naturally organic matcha health care products original oolong tea

Item specifics

  • item Type: Green Tea
  • Grade: AAAAA
  • Shelf Life: 18month
  • Age: New
  • Style: Compressed Tea
  • Packaging: Bag
  • Certification: QS
  • Variety: other
  • Weight (kg): 0.5

Product Description
125g Top grade Chinese Oolong tea tieguanyin tea tie guan yin tea oolong the green food new health care products wholesaleUSD 4.99/pack50 PCS Chinese yunnan puer tea 10 Kinds flavors puer ripe pu er tea raw puerh tea pu er food lose weight products with gift bagUSD 13.60/pack250g Chinese top grade da hong pao tea oolong tea green food premium dahongpao tea big red robe Wuyi yan Cha Wulong lose weightUSD 13.95/pack250g Maofeng Green Tea Early Spring Chinese Huangshan Maofeng Tea Green Organic Food For Weight Loss And Health Care ProductUSD 11.62/pack100g Premium dahongpao tea wuyi the top grade da hong pao tea big red robe oolong tea Wuyi yan Cha, Wuyi Cliff Wulong with bagUSD 4.35/pack125g Anxi Tie Guan Yin tea, oolong tea authentic Chinese premium wu-long tieguanyin tea pure material healthy care mellow tasteUSD 9.19/bagGoji berry 1kg Goji Berries The Chinese NingXia Dried Gouqi Wolfberry Herbal Tea For Health Product Drop Shipping Free ShippingUSD 39.95/pack357g Yunnan raw Puer tea puer authentic premium compressed cakes pu er tea traditional organic natural Menghai puerh tea bowlUSD 17.95/piece

Tea is rich in nutrients

Diuresis action Inhibit atherosclerosis role Antibacyerial,Bacteriostasis Effect reducing weight Restrain cancer cell function The role of regulating body functions Prevention of aging Improve immune function To reduce blood pressure,Reduce blood fat To reduce blood sugar,control diabetes To prevent tooth decay

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