Chinese Yuqian West Lake Green Tea 2016 Longjing Tea 250 g Bean Fragrant Dragon Well Green Tea Blue and White Gift Tin Box

Item specifics

  • Style: Loose Tea
  • Variety: Longjing Tea
  • Age: New
  • Certification: QS
  • Grade: AAAAA
  • Weight (kg): 0.25
  • Packaging: Can (Tinned)
  • Shelf Life: 540Days
  • item Type: Green Tea

Product Description
"Product name"Chinese Yuqian West Lake Green Tea 2016 Longjing Tea 250 g
"Raw material" West Lake,China Longjing Raw Tea
"Net content" 250/Tin
"Production date" 2016 year.
"Shelf life" About 18months.
"Save method" Avoid sunlight, dry and cool place.

Longjing tea( Dragon Well) is a famous variety of green tea in the world.It is produced mostly by hand and has been renowned for its high quality, earning the China Famous Tea title. It has unique fragrance and flavor,flat, slender strips of tea leaves in bright green liquid. Furthermore, LongJing tea aids one\'s health in many ways regardless of your age. It is used to deter food poisoning, refresh the body, stop cavities, fight viruses, control high blood pressure, lower the blood sugar level, and to prevent cancer.But due to its high content tea polyphenols,Belonging to the cold nature tea,so the man who are not good in the stomach and spleen should not drink too much.

The package included:1*250/Tin Longjing Tea.

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