2009 Year Ancient Shou Mei White Tea Cake 360g Chinese Fuding Organic Bai Cha High Quality Health Slimming Food

Item specifics

  • item Type: White Tea
  • Grade: AAAA
  • Shelf Life: NO
  • Age: 5 – 10 Years
  • Brand Name: roctee
  • Style: Compressed Tea
  • Packaging: Bowl
  • Certification: QS
  • Variety: Shou Mei Tea
  • Weight (kg): 360g
  • Item Name: tea white
  • Original Place: Fuding
  • Variety: shou mei
  • Name: White Tea
  • Function: anti-cancer, lower blood pressure
  • Other Function: Chinese herb medicine
  • Feature: Health Product
  • Others: Chinese Food
  • Full Name: Fuding aged white tea cake

Product Description

*Product Detail*

Item Name: Shou Mei White Tea

Quantity (Weight): 360 g

Production date: 2009 Year Grade: AAAA

Storage time: No expiration date, keep it under seal in cool and dry place.

*Product Picture*

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*Brewing Method*

Brewing Methods:

  1. Washing Cup: Washing tea set by boiling water, and warming tea pot and cups.
  2. Putting Tea: Preparing tea ( about 7-8 grams) , putting into tea pot.
  3. Waking up Tea: Infusing boiling water into tea pot, waiting for about 5 seconds. Discarding tea soup right now ( You can ignore this step, because our producing process is clean).
  4. Brewing Tea: Infusing boiling water into tea pot again, waiting for about 5-10 seconds. After the tea juice exudes and tea soup become to brown, pouring out tea soup and preparing to taste now.
  5. Tea-Tasting: Sipping tea when it is hot. Smelling before tasting, sipping with smelling

Using Tea Needle or Tea Knife:

Do you have tea knife ? Click the picture to choose one piece!

Brewing Tea by Chinese Traditional Tea Gaiwan:

Definition of White Tea

White tea comes from the buds and leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves and buds are allowed to wither and dry in natural sun. White tea is minimal processed tea, which is steamed or fired to inactivate polyphenol oxidase, and then dried. It is harvested primarily in China, mostly in the Fujian province. So we also call it China White or Fujian White. The name "white tea" derives from the fine silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant, which gives the plant a whitish appearance. The beverage itself is not white or colourless but pale yellow, light to the taste, and is free shaped. White tea may have first appeared in English publication in 1876, where it was categorized as a black tea because it is not initially cooked like a green tea, to deactivate internal enzymes and external microbes. For distinguishing grade, There are white silver needle Tea, White Peony Tea and Shou Mei (ShouMei) Tea.

Our Tea Garden:

Detail Function of White tea:

Enduring less of processing, near to the natural leaves, have more of the amino acid theanine (has relaxing and mood enhancing properties) than other teas white tea is the least processed tea and has the highest antioxidant levels. White tea has a lot of health keeping functions Such as: White Tea Antioxidants, Anti-old Cancer Prevention Lower Blood Pressure Lower Cholesterol Heart Protection Stronger Bones

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2009 Year Ancient Shou Mei White Tea Cake 360g Chinese Fuding Organic Bai Cha High Quality Health Slimming Food

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