2009 Original Chinese Shu Puer Tea 357g, Yunnan Ripe Pu Er Tea Green Food, Menghai Puerh Compressed Bowl Tea Slimming Benefits

Item specifics

  • Style: Compressed Tea
  • Age: 5 – 10 Years
  • Certification: QS
  • Grade: AAAAA
  • Weight (kg): 357
  • Packaging: Bowl
  • Shelf Life: The longer the better
  • item Type: Pu'Er Tea

Product Description


"Product name" 2009 Aged Seven cake Menghai
"Raw material" in Yunnan large leaf tea tree
"Production processes" Pu\'er tea
"Net content" 357g
"Production date" 2009
"Shelf life" in line with the storage environment gets better
"Save method" dark ventilation proof anti-odor
This Seven cake features:
1, 2009, with full Menghai tea repression
2, the appearance of the cable significantly clean, tangy aroma, liquor color Hongyan, mellow taste lubrication;
3, thick bright red soup, smooth taste, the entrance of Chen Xiang; this tea is extremely resistant foam, sweetness and brightness is very high, drink more good, after drinking sweet fluid and smooth
4, the bottom stout hypertrophy, root fresh full. Xianshuang strong taste, high alcohol lasting aroma, the bottom red uniform and bright.

Package included:1*357g puer cake tea


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