2005 Yr Yunnan Menghai Natural Premium Black Tea Ripe Puer Lao Cha Tou Old Gold Bud 500g Loose Tuo Cha,Shu Perh Tea Shou Pu Erh

Item specifics

  • Style: Loose Tea
  • Age: 11 – 20 Years
  • Certification: HACCP
  • Grade: AAAAA
  • Weight (kg): 0.5
  • Packaging: Bag
  • Shelf Life: The longer the better
  • item Type: Pu'Er Tea

Product Description


[Product name]: 2005 Yr Yunnan Menghai Natural Premium Black Tea Ripe Puer Lao Cha Tou Old Gold Bud 500g Loose Tuo Cha
[Raw materials]: Yunnan Menghai old tea head Need
Product specifications:500g
[Date] production: 2005
[Health License]: cloud health food certificate [2007] No. No. 530100-002348
[Storage conditions]: clean and well ventilated, dry, dark, no smell, no pollution
[Save]: In compliance with the storage conditions, Chen Yue
Tight end is the source of the smell, Pu\'er tea head is a rare tea. A ton of cooked tea sub-heap in order to produce dozens of kilograms of tea first!
Package included:1*500g pu-erh Lao Cha Tou.

Old Head Tea(Lao Cha Tou), also called Tuo nature, is a relatively fat bud of sun shai qing, due to the tender degree is high, high content of pectin, in w pile fermentation ripe tea, natural curly or tangle into pieces, formed the tea first. Aged tea tight knot, fermentation, very resistant to bubble, to ripe tea essence, taste looked good! "Tight knot" is the source of flavor! Qing dynasty RuanFu is talked about in the puer tea ":" pimple tea, taste the most thick "pimple tea here, say is tea head!

Old Head Tea is in the process of puer tea w pile fermentation, fermentation, and make the tea colloid crystal into pieces, unable to dissolve to form a "tea knot", the shape and size. If the tea level is high, so the price of tea first, the characteristics of tea head is looked like red wine, dark bright color, taste pure, thick with Chen flavour, taste sweet and smooth, special quite resistant to bubble.

Tea brewing of the Old head Tea is different from other tea: tea tastes rich, condensation of tight, wake up the tea, the soup is a little long.
First wash the tea: the amount of investment in accordance with the standard cast 5g or so, the first tea abandoned to go (bubble 1 minutes or so), called the tea, the purpose is to wash away some of the dirt and impurities;
Second wake up tea, wake up the tea, deep stuffy (40 to 30 seconds), tea abandoned;
The third bubble started drinking, soaking time in about 5 seconds, vice versa. To mild (20 bubble after) can be appropriate to extend the time soup, according to taste.
If you do not enjoy, you can also cook drink tea head, the quality of the tea, it is absolutely possible to cook!

The bottom of the tea making plans: nearly 10 years of dry warehouse storage, taste is very good, the entrance of lubrication, mellow, sweet and smooth, sweet.


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