75G White Tea 1 1 grade silver needle white tea 75g aged tea fuding white tea

Item specifics

  • item Type: White Tea
  • Age: New
  • Style: Blooming Tea
  • Packaging: Vacuum Pack
  • Certification: ISO
  • Variety: Silver Needle Tea
  • Tea grade: premium
  • place of production: china mainland
  • whether for organic food: is
  • tea growth of the season: autumn tea
  • bundle jugful: 1 person

Product Description

  • product details

what is silver needle tea ?

silver needle white tea tea genus , most of white tea fujian fuding manxin , because greened raw material is all tips , white milli- , make dry tea after , shape zhiduo needle , white milli- densely , white color such as silver , name for therefore & ldquo . silver needle tea & rdquo . . it is a light fermented tea , machining process no frying , only have two and dry wilting process , alifs \’s less process , maximum degree divserves the original the morphological and nutritionsnutrients .

Dried tea early complete , shape and elegant , white milli- the moonlihgt , milcah , , is called to & ldquo . chinese tea the snow white princess & rdquo . . shape like needles , clado- long 3 cm around , brewing , milli- fragrant fresh , flavorsome fenchols , early erect floating in 200g , & ldquo . rarebits & rdquo . !

silver needle tea drink , drink is not only a delicious and health , more is appreciation wonders of the beauty enjoy !

silver needle tea obliged to said the benefits :

white tea & have ldquo . one year for tea , three years for medicine , baolang seven years & rdquo . called , storage of the longer , health value high . this is because white tea after through the ages , with polyphenols incessant oxidation , tea polyphenols content reduce , tea polysaccharide gradually increase material , with very good for health . this model of silver needle tea has been there 5 years precipitation , health value has been very high , is a rare rectifiable high quality organic white tea !

Fujian ancient there , drink white tea cure all ills . white tea especially fit in computer former , watch tv etc often underwent radiation people , help you to protect eyes and skin . it also can protect the elderly aging organ , let the parents old slower , old more healthfully ! not afraid of all kinds of the elderly frequently body amiss .

white tea also for high quality and benefits china pla specifies honor guard tea .

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